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Industrial Shutdown Management Training in Perth
10-09-2012, 12:44
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Industrial Shutdown Management Training in Perth
Shutdown Planning & Management
An intensive 2 day case study analysis examining the tools, methodologies, best practices, trouble shooting & lessons learnt in shutdowns from a variety of industries including mining, mobile fleets, power generation, brewing, cement & smelters
Perth - 25 - 26 September 2012

Key Learning Outcomes
Understand and align shutdown requirements with maintenance and production requirements
Gain new insights into the shutdown management cycle as applied to routine shutdown projects
Master the timing of crucial phases to allow for adequate preparation
Evaluate mechanisms to justify requirements for well designed scopes-of-work for shutdowns
Determine the management framework, systems support and organisational structures required to support shutdowns
Assess templates and formats for shutdown information such as work packages and the project schedule
Create work management practices to control and manage work execution during the shutdown based on visual work flow practices
Identify key reporting requirements to support shutdown execution control and project evaluation
Develop shutdown management support processes for continuous improvement

About the Course
Shutdown management is an extension of the operational and maintenance effort to sustain operational capability. It has a very significant impact on operations in terms of the committed effort and investment and therefore requires a rigorous justification foundation.

Shutdowns are typically managed in a complex environment as a consequence of the interaction between people, working in extreme locations, the complexity of physical assets, the extensive system and information requirements and of course, the time pressure to bring the plant back to full operational capacity.

Effective and efficient management of shutdowns remains a continuous focus area to improve business performance, and being able to maintain and improve the shutdown management plans with associated supporting structures and infrastructure.

Unique Course Approach

Key knowledge from this course is shared based on actual case studies from various industries to illustrate the concepts covered in the course material.

Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and to question and explore alternative approaches to their legacy processes.

Who Should Attend
Heads and Directors of Operations, Maintenance and Production
Operations Managers, Maintenance Managers
Reliability Engineers, Production Managers or Engineers
Maintenance Supervisors, Maintenance Planners, Schedulers and Controllers
Plant Managers
Engineering Managers or Chief Engineers
Project Managers / Leaders / Planners / Coordinators

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